Dr. Haida also briefed the journalists on the general medical situation with the treatment of the wounded and sick servicemen who participated in the anti-terrorist operation in Donbas. Over 120 such servicemen are staying in hospital after they had been air-lifted from the area. They were injured or taken ill when doing their duty. Five of them are still in intensive care. They are receiving intensive medical treatment there. Our specialists are really doing their utmost to bring those guys to a more stable condition with a prospect of recovery. Over three hundred troops have gove through hospital treatment here since the start of the operation. Together with its affiliated branches located all over West Ukraine this hospital has treated over six hundred servicemen. Brought to the journalists' attention were some peculiarities of the manning, equipment and provision of the medical squads assigned to the detachments involved in the entanglement. Such squads have to do their duty right in action and in its immediate aftermath.
Several such squads were sent by the hospital to the east to offer medical relief to the units of the Ukrainian Army and other military detachments stationed there. The medics are sometimes caught in the fire too. Not longer ago than yesterday our ambulance driver was air-lifted to his 'native' hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery as well as return to active military service.
Ivan Bohdan, Colonel of the Medical Service, Chief Army Surgeon of the Western Military District dwelled on the stages in the recovering of life sustaining functions of the servicemen that were shipped here to undergo treatment. .
“The treatment has two stages. The former supports the medical aid that patients received at other health institutions, the latter focuses on rehabilitation which will include a whole range of activities aimed at bringing the patients back to full-fledged life. We do not do it completely on our own, we engage top specialists from civil health institutions. We are helped greatly and with tremendous self-sacrifice by Doctors of Medical Science, Professors Ihor Novytskyi, Ihor Trutiak and many others.”
In the end of the event the medical staff expressed their gratitude to everybody who are not indifferent – volunteers, common citizens of this part of Ukraine, organizations and businessmen for their kind, loyal and disinterested commitment to the cause of the Ukrainian Armed Forces as well as devoted tangible help on the part of many a man who chose to come forward in this difficult time for the country.They also shared their medical provision plans for the nearest future: “Recently our fellow countrymen, not indifferent to what is going on, started to collect donations that will help us buy a blood separator. This device gives the possibility to provide a patient with his own blood that he loses during surgery and in this way to reduce the amount of donated blood, which consequently reduces the load on the patient’s organism when adapting to blood.transfusion”.