The round table discussion initiated by the head of the Military Clinical Hospital of the Western Operational Command (MCH WOC) Colonel of Medical Service Ivan Haida as well as by the specialists from Lviv prosthetics factory was held on the premises of the main military clinical centre at The Main Military Clinical Hospital in Kyiv last week. It focused on how to provide war invalids with artificial limbs bringing into this process all the necessary specialists. The appeal addressed to the Supreme Council of Ukraine was filed after the event. It suggested some changes in the Ukrainian legislation as regards the soldiers’ rehabilitation. The outcome was quite prompt. On Tuesday, July 22, the Supreme Council of Ukraine introduced some changes into the law that regulates this matter.
From now on every person who lost a limb as a result of injury in battle will be able to undergo free prosthetic care and rehabilitation at a number of specialized centres which function within the plants. Professional prosthesists will manufacture modern artificial limbs for them made of the world leading materials applied in this field.
Volodymyr is one of the patients in the prosthetics centre now. He was on a mission in the area of the anti-terrorist operation in Donbas. Unfortunately the soldier remains in a state of shock even now since the loss of a leg is a serious psychological trauma. However, the first shaky steps to his new life became possible just due to this new piece of legislation. On the very first day of his treatment he tried on an artificial leg and even managed to make several steps on his own holding on to the beams under the watchful eyes of the doctors and technicians. The doctors do assure us that in a month time the patient will be able to go home and live a full-fledged life.
Volodymyr is 36. Until last spring he had lived a peaceful life in a small town of Malyn in Zhytomyr Region. He was working at a timber mill, together with his wife bringing up their three sons. The mobilization changed his life dramatically In April he put on the military uniform. Then he was sent on a mission to the anti-terrorist operation zone. In one of the fiercest battles fought with the terrorists he was injured and ultimately lost his leg. His life was saved by his fellow soldiers. Then, there were numerous surgeries and hospitals in Rubizhne, Kharkiv, and finally in Lviv. Volodymyr is gradually recovering but his psychological trauma is still severe. His movements are uncertain and he has no idea how to carry on with his life. But the workers of Lviv prosthetics plant believe in this man and his new life, they have already helped to stand up from the wheelchair thousands of patients.
"We wait until the wounds are completely healed and after that we can take a person for prosthetic care”, says Viktoriya Olikh, director deputy for medical work, “but the patient also has to prepare for this himself by doing special physical exercisers, imagining the movements of the lost limb, which helps to align the artificial one with the brain of a patient. After healing we also prescribe specific massaging procedures together with bandaging of a stump for its formation.”
The head of the prosthetic factory Serhiy Suyazov points out that today the factory uses most advanced technologies including those worked out by famous German companies manufacturing prosthetic products. All the patients will be treated in full scope in compliance with the highest world standards in this area of rehabilitation and provided with free technical maintenance and assistence.